The Aroma Shop
The Aroma Shop has began based on exporting products to
various countries such as the USA, Japan, China, European countries
and many more since 1990. Furthermore, in 2012, the company extended
its vision to aroma products industry, manufacturing D.I.Y products,
aromatic diffusers and candles directly, and exporting them by as well.

We’ve studied for a long time to understand deeply about various materials,
scents and ingredients through product development. We’ve realized most
of foods, household goods, cosmetics those are helpful to humans
are actually have a deleterious effect on human, nature and animals
as they contain chemically processed scent and toxic ingredients.

Since then, we value the animal life and dignity of nature, and keep trying
to find safe and healthy ingredients those are harmless to our skin.
Finally we found the effectiveness of aromatherapy which has a long history
and has been recognized by its safety, and we developed cosmetics
by ourselves by importing safe and effective ingredients.

'Safe and Natural Beauty'
Treat our skin problems with non-toxic, non-chemical
and non-artificial ingredients such as atopic dermatitis,
acne and contact dermatitis caused by environmental contamination,
pollutant and virus becoming a major social issue world-wide
Protect the elemental beauty of skin with 100% natural ingredients
by solving underlying problems
The Aroma Shop
'Brand Mission Statement'
The Aroma Shop values making good products to human using
safe ingredients from nature and makes ‘right cosmetics’,
focusing on animal life and dignity of nature
The Aroma Shop
'Brand Philosophy'
Aromatherapy : Aroma means scent or fragrance

Compared to oriental medical science called ‘Oriental Medicine’ based on five-thousand-year Korean history, ‘Aromatherapy’ has the longest history in western medical science

‘Aromatherapy’ has a very long history in western medical science.
To publicize aromatherapy which has been recognized for its safety and effect throughout its long history, we have studied deeply about aromatherapy and proved its effectiveness not only in some health conditions but also in mind and body through many variables.
The Aroma shop developed effective products using our technologies and importing high-quality materials to give beauty to the skin based on aroma while being safe and healthy to customers.
Globally recognized Brand
‘The Aroma Shop’
The Aroma Shop products are certified from U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) certificate authority.
To make cosmetics in the right way, respect animal life and put dignity of nature and human first,
we persist in using 100% organic components from plants as The Aroma Shop’s cosmetic ingredients.

The Aroma Shop promises to protect the lives and environment and continuously develop good ingredients and materials.

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